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5 fat-burning explosive speed and agility drills

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

1) Agility ladder - helps improve balance coordination agility. And strengthen tendons and muscles in the leg

2) Wind-sprints-give yourself four sprint lines. Run to the first one then the second one will be twice as long as the first and the third twice as long as the second. And the fourth twice as longest the third.

3) Step ups- putting one leg on a step and stepping up and down as fast as you can keeping the knee at a 90° angle.

4) Plyometrics -feet shoulder width apart squat slightly bending the knees and hips and bring arms back slightly before explosively jumping up and reaching for an object or target such as a basketball hoop.

5) Lateral band work -most work for speed explosion and balance is done straight ahead. It is important to strengthen the lateral parts of the Lower body.

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