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This revolutionary new fitness tool features an impressive segmented design broken into various sections which fit like a puzzle and organized to provide excellent results in elevating your balance, agility, coordination and upper body strength. Other outstanding important features include:

  • Streamlined Design: Its streamlined design structure gives you extra freedom allowing more room for error at very high speed.
  • High Visibility: Every four-step segment is properly separated with Velcro and red lines offering you the ability to effectively adjust and choose the distance between your steps.
  • Highly Customizable: Almost all components of this fitness trainer can be easily manipulated to perfectly suit your cardio levels, ensuring that you maintain the right conditioning level.
  • Slip Resistant: The bottoms of the ladder are fitted with slip resistant pads which provide support to the ground.
  • Lightweight and Mobile: The entire fitness ladder is absolutely lightweight and can be easily folded up after each use, making it possible to take it with you wherever you go.



Disclaimer-Ladderfitness is designed to challenge and improve your balance and coordination. Do not use without a complete understanding of its intended purpose and function. Consult a physician before starting this or any other exercise program. Use this product in a safe clear area on a flat dry surface. By using this equipment the user accepts total responsibility for all risks and injury and waives any right to themselves, their heirs, their executors or any part to hold the manufacturer or it’s representatives responsible for direct or indirect damages caused by use of this product.

One Separate Ladder

SKU: LF0001
$49.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
  • Upgrade your workout regime with a touch of professional finesse and innovation offered by our special Ladder Fitness Trainer creatively designed to be the difference in helping you achieve your fitness goals by enhancing performance.

  • Ladder Fitness-Single



    Width:19' 3/4

    Rungs (Less errors):1/2"

    Can strech as long as:22"4 x 3: 66'12

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