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5 Reasons why people skip workouts !

1) Nutrition :At the end of a busy day of work without the right balanced nutrition the energy level Will  be communicating to the body that  we are too tired to go to the gym today. Understanding what your putting in your body and the convenience of your food and preparing it with limited time can be vitally important.

2)Proximity : Depending on the location of the facility that you workout in compared to how close it is to your work or to your home will depend on how consistent you are in your workouts. When you have to take into consideration the amount of gas and convenience of place to get dressed every minute after you punch out Counts. So the less time with inconveniences the more consistent you will be with going to workout.     ( )

3) Being held accountable : On those days when you just don't want to go and try to talk yourself out of going it is always good to have a training companion. Be it a personal trainer or a workout partner the idea of having someone waiting or depending on you to workout can increase your dedication and consistency to your regimen.     ( )    

4)Convenience : With a hectic life schedule sometimes going to a facility is just out of the question. With children getting sick or things needed to be done around the house it can throw your routine workouts off. (not everybody can afford big bulky cardiovascular or strength training equipment to put into their homes   is a multiple diverse space saving and economic value for that spur of the moment work out. Allowing you the space for constant growth and challenges, but also simple enough to involve others of a lower level at the same time. It also offers the ability to engage your loved ones in a joint workout and spending quantity family time. We all know what the video games are doing to our youth so it's a great way to get two tasks completed at the same time.)

5) Goals :Everybody has a goal of what they want to accomplish when they go to the gym. But because most of the time they don't set short term goals they get  frustrated at the

lack of fast progress. Short term goals allows you to stay disciplined over shorts periods of time and be able to quantify the gains.     ( )

 * Lack of enthusiasm : We live in a society where we do the same thing every day and never deviate whatsoever. Get up go to work, go to the gym ,go home cook dinner and go to bed. And then repeat this all over again the next day . ( if you have 1234 and 5 working  it will not be an issue with lack of enthusiasm)

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