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Confidence through exercise !

Updated: May 9, 2018

Be it adult , child or a person with a disability we all have to overcome challenges that make us stronger and increases our confidence. Over the last four years of creating Ladderfitness and putting individuals through different patterns on the ladder other than just a straight line. I've learned that when put in an uncomfortable unfamiliar position people tend to go into a shell.  When performing exercises on the ladder with different step counts based on how It is configured everyone seems to tread much lighter almost with a hesitation and fear of not doing it correctly.

It has become so predictable that look of trepidation on students faces when they miss a step or pause because of temporary uncertainty. And 100% of the time telling them to relax and trust the different counts and cues in order to land in the right spot instead of wanting to start fast and finish fast helps them conquer their fears .Many people who have used a straight line fitness ladder before come with expecting the patterns to be consistent from start to finish. And the purpose for Ladderfitness is to continually challenge the physical and the mental and build ones ability to adjust. And improve one's balance coordination and confidence. 

The saying goes that in our life span we are once an adult and twice a child. So that must mean in our second child phase we have the same curiosity as our first stage of life, but we're just not fearless anymore. Security and the need to be independent and not have people helping you do everything becomes the main focus. With working with individuals with Alzheimer's , hip replacements and knee replacement they all have that fear of taking that first step and being unsure if they are capable of accomplishing set ladder patterns. And just like anybody else that big smile comes out when they are able perform the task. I can't explain it but I just know that look when I see that proud feeling and look of confidence. Stepping out of your comfort zone in your adult life is the key to physical and mental grow .

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